Sunday, July 8, 2012

I haven't written on this blog for a long time but on June 23rd, I did something that was blog worthy.
I met Jim Shore in person! This is something that I have always wanted to do, but he has never been close enough for me to actually do it. I actually have not bought many pieces in the last few years because as much as I love his work, I have a little of everything he has done. I have Angels and Cats and Santas, Witches, Nativities, Easter, Nursery Rhymes and Lighthouses, and get the idea.

Jim Shore was scheduled to be in Branson, Mo at Kringles from 12 -2. It helped a lot that it was our anniversary weekend so my husband made an extra effort to get me there. In fact, I didn't feel well that morning and I came very close to not going but he said "Well let's go and see what happens"
We started our day with breakfast in town at "Cookies" the local morning breakfast stop and headed out for our one hour drive to Branson.

The store opened at 9 and I had decided that I wanted to stand in line on the early end of the day instead of the late end, so we ended up at Kringles at 9:15. By 9:30 I had purchased my Blue and White Snowman and was the third in the line to see Jim Shore.
I started collecting Jim Shore in 2005 after coveting the snowman that I gave to my dear friend for her birthday.
I had to start buying it because I found myself gravitating to Hallmark stores and gazing at his work simply because it made me happy.
In October I bought my first piece, the pumpkin, and asked for more for my birthday. Ask and you shall receive and I received 5 pieces for my birthday that year. That same Christmas, I hit a local  Hallmark Store where they were selling all their Christmas pieces for half price. So now I was up to 10.

And that's the way it began, because there was something about those beautiful colors and those quilt patterns that made me smile and feel comforted just looking at the way the design and color came together to speak to my heart.

I was third in the line at Kringle's. I met 2 ladies from Columbus, Ohio. This was their 5th Jim Shore signing and their third time to be first in line! They worked together, and traveled together and shared their love of Jim Shore's work together. One of the ladies husband had driven them down to meet Jim Shore. So....they were quite the experts on how these things worked, and they were fun to talk and the time passed quickly. 
At the very beginning my husband stood in line for me while I made my purchase. As I walked over to get in the line I heard a woman ask him for his receipt. He said "My wife is paying right now" She said "Ok, but if someone else comes with a receipt you have to let them in front of you" As soon as I secured my place in line I sent my husband off to Lowe's and told him not to come back until 11:30. He is a guy that likes to be on the move, standing in this line for 2 1/2 hours was not going to be fun for him no matter the circumstances.
I gave the woman at the back of the line who asked for receipts a title. I told her we would be calling her the "Enforcer" because she didn't make the rules but she enforced them. The woman who told everyone what to do we called "The Dictator" and the woman who chased people to the back of the line, or out of the signing area we called "The Bouncer" The ladies enjoyed it and by the end of the morning I heard them call each other by their assigned names.

It was rather comforting to me to hear that there were several other people in the line who owned as many pieces of Jim Shore as I did. A couple even had an inventory (like I do) and one had a database.
Around 11:30 we found out that Jim and his crew were over at the Hard Luck Diner eating lunch. After lunch he would come over to Kringle's, sign the pieces that people bought ahead of time and then he would come out and start signing.
Once he came out into the store things went very quickly. They had a table set up to unwrap your figurine, a table where he signed and a table where they re-boxed your signed figurine.
I don't get excited about many things, but I was definitely excited about this. My turn came quickly. I walked up to the table, having no idea what I was going to say, stuck out my hand and like a 15 year old meeting Paul McCartney, I said "My name is Glenda.............and I am your biggest fan!"
Ok, well that was really lame, but  I finally found the words to say "You know I love your art, and I love your work but mostly I love the things that you represent in your work and how much heart each piece has in it. He reached out and hugged me and thanked me and he said "I love it when people understand that"
At this point, he was getting ready to sign my snowman. I asked him if he thought there was a chance he would ever do a series of Mary Poppins figurines, and he said "Yes there is a very good chance that he would do Mary Poppins in the future" Somewhere in the midst of this conversation, my snowman slipped off the table and broke! So they had to get me a new one (it was the last one they had)
He apologized profusely but I didn't care because I got to spend more time with him!

I said "That's my husband over there, can he take our picture?" He said "He wanted a picture of the man whose vacations he's been funding the last 7 years" Jim Shore has probably heard that before, but he laughed heartily and he hugged me again before I left.

I had so much fun, and he was so kind and so genuine that I think I need to start funding his vacations again.
I told my friends in the line that I only wanted to meet him once to say that I did it, but it was a lot of fun....I might be willing to try it again.

Some people are disappointed when they meet someone that they admire, I am happy to say that Jim Shore is exactly who I always expected he would be.
A genuinely nice person, who cares about the people who buy his work,  loves God, and values his heritage, his country and family.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jim Shore's Nursery Rhymes

Since my life has always involved working with children in some capacity, I had to have Jim Shore's Nursery Rhymes collection. The thing about Jim Shore's work that always amazes me is that you can see in a store or online and like it, but when you take it home and hold it and really look at it, you can appreciate all the details and beauty of the colors and design.
The first nursery rhyme I purchased was "The Old Woman in a Shoe", the next was "Hey Diddle Diddle", then came "Humpty Dumpty" and then "Wynken Blynken and Nod"
Someday I will give these to the special kids in my life and my nieces and nephews but for now I get to enjoy them and today I wanted to share them with you. If you right click on the picture you can enlarge the photo and really see all the beautiful detail.
Let me know which one is your favorite!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas at our house

Well I have to confess that I wanted to participate in "Deck the Halls" with Over the Rainbow but this year I have not had much time to deck, so these are my last years decorations that I am sharing with you.
I started this blog to share my addiction to Jim Shore's work so it's only fitting that I start with my treasured Jim Shore Nativity. The first big piece that I ever bought and I purchased it in New Harmony, Indiana in April 2005.

Angel tree

Old pump organ that my dad refinished, with my Jim Shore Santa collection, which has expanded to the top of the organ now.
These are just different shelves on my entertainment center.

The Santa and Sleigh was my second big Jim Shore piece. My husband gave it to me for my birthday one year.

This is a picture of the entire entertainment center.

This is our game room. It is a themed "50's" room but as you can see Elvis is the focal point with accents of Marilyn, James Dean and other film stars of the era. We chose the decor together but my husband did the wallpaper, laid the tile and built the glass block bar
The large bubblegum machine is filled with silver and red Christmas ornaments.

This is our game room. It is a themed "50's" room but as you can see Elvis is the focal point with accents of Marilyn, James Dean and other film stars of the era. We chose the decor together but my husband did the wallpaper, laid the tile and built the glass block bar.
This is a close up of our puzzle wall. It features film stars of the 50's and is made entirely of puzzle put together by us and our friends.

This is the glass block bar and yes that is a singing Elvis head on top of the game in the corner.

This is the pool table. The Crocheted Christmas Tree was made by my husbands mom.

This is a full shot of the puzzle wall. There are 11-1,000 piece puzzles. The Casablanca puzzle in the middle was 3,000 pieces, and then there are several partial puzzles at the bottom of the wall.
I hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse of our Christmas decorations.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Merry Christmas Two Me!

This year, like every other year I tell myself that I am not going to get carried away with buying new pieces. This year, I bought 2 new pieces that go with "Santa's Toy Shop" I got "The Livery" and The Sweet Shop"
Click on the first picture to get a close up view of how beautiful these pieces are. They are so rich with detail and color they don't need anything else.
Life has been so busy the last few weeks that I haven't really taken any photos of my Holiday displays, mostly because I barely have them up. I do have most of my Jim Shore pieces out and will try to get some pictures up here sometime next week.
Until then, I hope you enjoy these.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jim Shore Fall Collections

Jim Shore Fall pieces

It's been a while since I posted on my Jim Shore blog. It's still an addiction that is becoming quite a collection but I have been focused elsewhere.
I have been busy with my Creative Nanny and Gentle Transitions Blog. They are now connected to a wonderful blog about the Nanny Industry called Regarding Nannies. Even if you aren't a nanny, we always have great stories and interesting links so pop on over and visit and leave a comment so I will know you were there!
Jim Shore's Fall Pieces are my favorite of all the pieces that I own and I try to start the first of September so that I can enjoy them for a nice amount of time.

Last year I bought the Haunted House (One of my favorites)

Here are just a few pieces from my Fall Collection. I have about 10 more.
The first is The Haunted House, it also makes noise, the witch flies around and the windows light up. QVC has a special collection of 4 Diaramas. This pumpkin is the first and it also lights up.

My Halloween witches look great displayed by the Haunted House with silk fall leaves.
The Cornucopia Basket was also a QVC series that I got 2 years ago. The basket contains a pumpkin, a squash, and an ear of corn, done with beautiful detail as Jim Shore does so well.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Musical Angel QVC exclusive

Well the Summer Musical angel arrived this week and she is of course beautiful. I have come to expect nothing but perfection from Jim Shore.

I wasn't really sure what she looked like and was trying to decide where I was going to smush her in on the organ (is smush a word?)

And then I opened her and she is holding a basket of shells. She is beautiful shades of blue and peach just like my guest bathroom which is guessed it decorated with seashell decor.

So she looks beautiful in there.

For some reason the photos I took didn't do her justice but I will upload them for now and hope that tomorrow I can get better pics.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I try. I really do.

You know how people always "Stay out of trouble!" Well I try. I used to say ...I try but sometimes it comes to my doorstep. Now in 2009 I say, I try but sometimes it shows up in my email.
Last week sent out a 40% off coupon. Who can say no to that?
The sale was limited but of course I found something I really wanted since the first time I saw it. The nesting cat boxes.
When I was little, my mom had this beautiful, fragile nesting people box that I just loved to play with. Every once in a while she would let me play with it as long as I sat down on the floor and kept it there. It is a wonderful happy memory, so the nesting boxes from Jim Shore once again connect me to a childhood memory.
As I opened the boxes I am reminded of one of life's lessons. Life is not always what we planned for, it isn't always what we expected, but it's still life and it's our life and we play the hand we are dealt the best we can.
If you click on the photos you can see the wonderful detail close up and you might have to use your arrows to scroll down to see the unexpected mouse in the last box but this is what makes this piece so much fun and so special.